Frequently asked questions regarding the rules

Visit the Rulebook page to view a searchable PDF version of the rulebook. This makes it a lot easier to find quick answers you may be looking for.

1. Reload last sentence states draw one human item card. Do all players draw one or just the first player?

1A. All players.

2. With the Desert tile respawn do you round down or up on the health? With Noravers, they respawn with three health, can they heal back up to six or is the three a new maximum? Do you get exp for killing the original and respawn or just once after the respawn is killed. What about scavenge rewards. If they respawn, do you get to scavenge twice?

2A. You are allowed to scavenge one item per engagement.

3. Regarding Death and knockback. If a creature dies from an attack with knockback and is respawned. Do they respawn in the original spot or the spot they would have had they not died? I guess the question is which happens first? Knockback? Damage? Or simultaneous?

3A. Both, they would respawn on the square where the knock back put them.

4. Can you dodge critical hits?

4A. No, unblockable damage can’t be prevented in any way.

5. If your character goes MIA but killed aliens with scavenge do you still get to draw those items?

5A. Yes you get to scavenge your one item if MIA.

6. If a story states plus 1 to all stats does it only include the aliens initially set up? Or does it include any alien, i.e. Added due to respawn or blue reinforcement squares?

6A. Only the ones that the card specify.

7. Battle boards I didn’t see a forest battle board. Should the rules state jungle?

7A. Forest is a subset of boards that include Jungle. Forest includes all green boards which include the Jungle board.

8. Item matching factions get a +1 combat checks. Where do you find the characters factions? I’m assuming Kyle and Jane are Ghost, Jessica and Donovan are Psion, Tal’Ruza is Noraver and the others are Fire?

8A. Each players title should be with their portrait explaining who they are with.

9. With splash, spray, and beam damage, do you roll once and apply the same damage to each or do you roll separately for each target in the area of affect?

9A. Roll separately for each target.

10. For spray on the diagonal, wasn’t sure if the description mean the two squares before the target or if you were spraying the target and the square next to it and below it making a “L” shape. If it is the “L” shape, can you target an empty square on the diagonal to spray the two other squares?

10A. You follow a direct line of sight for the diagonal attack, so any square that line passes through is effected. You can target empty squares.

11. Battle boards references dashed orange lines, but I do not see any battle boards with dashed lines. Am I missing a battle board or is one or more of them supposed to have dashed lines?

11A. We have not implemented any of these lines yet on the current battle boards. We plan on having a lot of battle board options and included some information that will be used in the future. I believe we had planned on including a board from the current game that had this originally but decided against it.

12. From what I could read, it seems that it is much better for a player to play the roles of the Aliens, rather than use the Alien AI behaviors, because how does one handle the Omega Aliens? They are 3 Attacks per Alien [I was thinking of randomizing before activation with a D10: 1-6 for top attack; 7-8 for middle attack and 9-10 for bottom attack]?

12A. It really depends on how you want to play it. We feel it works well either way and for the Omega aliens we did a similar way with random dice rolls as well but felt on some turns it’s obviously smarter for the Omega do something specific. So you can kind of blend it, go random, or control it.

13. For the Omega Alien Nothsu, his bottom attack is a beam attack, does that mean he makes a Ranged Attack? If yes, what is his range?

13A. Beams range goes through all squares in a straight line.

14. Whats the difference between normal damage and Cyteon damage? This is mostly due to the Quality Cyteon-infused, as I think it has nothing to do with Armor/Barrier. Will it affect changes with Items?

14A. Normal damage is blocked by armor and Cyteon damage is blocked by barriers.

15. Is the Chykro Alpha Alien a ranged enemy? Because the weapon it’s carrying is making me confused, as from the rules, it is a Strength-based enemy thus it is a melee enemy.

15A. His weapon is very short ranged and he is special type of alien that will be expanded upon hopefully in later expansions. We only use two types of damage currently for aliens and Cyteon range is a lot longer then his short range weapon. So it fit more for him to be strength based.

16. What are Reaction checks?

16A. Reaction check actually refers to the start of battle. This would effect your stats when determining the order of battle.

17. For the Story Cards, which side is the day and night one?

17A. The bright side is day, dark side is night.

18. In one of the skills, it was referring to Weather Cyteon powers, does it mean Elemental powers?

18A. Yes this is correct. The word was not changed correctly.

19. Is Bonecrusher and Eruption, which can be found in Story Encounters, actually Legendary cards?

19A. There are a few things found via story that can also be randomly found and are not legendary cards.

20. For the Omega alien Ricendithas, does his Ancient Bloodline ability increase his Health also?

20A. Technically he does but it does not do him much good as it is increasing his max health but not healing him. So it does not really do anything for him in that sense. It’s mainly for the increase to the max of his other stats.

21. Is there two pools of Focus points? One for Combat encounters and one for when on the Main board? During combat, does the regained Focus points affect the main board ones?

21A. Yes this is accurate.

22. Which battle boards count as what kind, because some of them are not specified in the battle board selection under combat? Are there generic boards which can be used for any colored region?

22A. Each battle boards border corresponds with the type listed in the rulebook. I’ll list them below for clarification:

Desert Board: Yellow, Red
Jungle Board: Green, Red
Caves Board: Blue
City: Purple
Station: Purple
Sacrifice: Blue
Coast: Green, Yellow, Red
Elements: Green, Yellow, Red

23. Alukahni’s Legendary scavenge is the Conqueror, and the Yendethias Dark Cleaver found in one of the Story encounter is Corruption?

23A. This is correct.

24. Which Character correspond to which Faction – Fire [F]; Psion [P]; Ghost [G] and Noraver [N]? Those that have the Ghost and Psion in their titles would linked with the item cards of the same type?

24A. This is correct, anything does not say Ghost or Psion is a rank in FIRE.

25. Does a Survivor have to be in a combat encounter to be eligible to gain Cyteon powers from that Encounter? What if they are in the same site as the encounter?

25A. Yes, they have to be in the encounter to earn anything from the encounter.

26. When a Story or Site encounter states that the Survivor gain a Resource of their choice, does this include Small power sources and Large power sources?

26A. This means only the basic resources available and does not include any type of power source.

27. Do Omega aliens move on the main board? And if yes, what is their base movement speed? Is it 2 as normal?

27A. This is correct.

28. Does Partial cover apply if you are next to them? If yes, does that mean it is better to shoot around them, then hide in cover?

28A. Partial cover applies if you are adjacent to it. It would be your choice to decide if this is beneficial to you or not based on the circumstances.

29. Do Counterattacks work with Cyteon powers since they do have Range?

29A. No they do not.

30. Regarding the special ability for the Beta alien Apharixia. Does it mean once it dies, it resurrects at full health? Is this limited to only once per Apharixia? Does this stack with the Desert board night ability?

30A. The parasite ability is based on a dice roll and is rolled every time. So it is limited to the number of successes. This does stack.

31. When a Survivor gains Experience points which put them above 9, is the excess Experience points wasted when they level up? For example, a Survivor has 12 Experience points, does it go back to 1 Experience point with a level gain or 3 Experience points with a level gain?

31A. The extra experience points apply to the next level.

32. Does the Knockback quality stack up with the Knockback from the Guarantee Damage Critical success effect for a total of 3 spaces?

32A. This is correct.

33. The Cyteon Power Tear has the effect -3 to target combat checks. Does this means the target will gain a -3 to all combat checks until end of combat, or until end of turn like Disarm?

33A. This card applies until end of combat but does not stack multiple uses. It only reapplies the same effect if it has been used before on the same alien. This does stack with disarm though.

34. Is Tal’ruza the Champion a part of the Noraver faction, as that seems to make the most sense to me, so he would benefit from Noraver items?

34A. Yes this is correct

35. Does Armor/Barrier stack from abilities like Survivor Michael Rain and items?

35A. Yes they do stack

36. So for Reaction checks, this will increase the Speed stat to determine Initiative?

36A. Yes this is correct