In the year 2104 A.D. it was discovered through genetic engineering that less than 1% of humanity’s population was capable of achieving telekinetic abilities through the manipulation of the newly confirmed Cyteon energy fields surrounding all living things. With the rise of genetic manipulation and bio-technologies becoming more utilized by the military, mercenary organizations, and private corporations, this was a discovery that everyone wanted to invest in. A short time later G.H.O.S.T. (Genetically-enhanced Human Operations and Special Tactics) agency was created to specialize in enhancing some of these telekinetic individuals now known as Cyteons for specific tasks.

By 2107 Earth has made significant advancements in intergalactic travel due to advancements in Cyteon energy use. They could now navigate space with relative ease. Earth was overpopulated and it was finally time to begin searching for other habitable planets. Finally in 2110 our world was able to pass multiple bills uniting many of the largest countries and their military. From this merger F.I.R.E. (First Intergalactic Recon Expeditionary) force was born. The Unified Earth began training a new strain of soldiers. Men and women that could survive the harshest of conditions, perform more efficiently than the average person and could process information in the toughest situations. People perfect for traveling to unknown worlds.

Sometime in 2125 a few second generation Cyteons began to develop precognitive abilities. Empathy, clairvoyance, telepathy, and many other abilities became frequent occurrences among them. Psion, a splinter division of G.H.O.S.T. was created to control and use this new emergence of psychics.

A fleet of Zephyr class ships designed for finding planets were sent out in multiple directions in the year 2131 to find suitable planets for habitation. They would scan for geological activity, an ecological assessment and bring back specific sample cores of the planet itself so that they could be brought back to earth for further testing.

One of these ships, called the Ascendant Spirit, containing a crew of thousands of people is on it’s way to explore the Andic Galaxy. This vessel had some of the best people that Earth had to offer. The crew traversed many planets over their 22 year journey living in and out of stasis chambers while synthetic artificially intelligent humanoids watched over and maintained them and navigated their frigate.

Their next routine destination was Vanas IV. As they approached, the crew noticed immediately that something was different about this planet. It seemed to emit an odd energy as they approached and the ship began to grow abnormally turbulent. Electronic devices and ordinance began to malfunction going completely out of control. The ship sped toward the planet with no sign of stopping, the sheer speed of their descent began to rupture the hull and tear the metal like paper. The ships many pieces spread across the sky and its crew tossed around like toys in the hand of small child, the wreckage landing across the alien surface.

The survivors of each part of the crash emerged from burning rubble and seething destruction collecting the remaining survivors at each site and began to take in the world in front of them.

In a world unknown to them… can they survive?